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To put food security into the hands of the Manx public and guide the Isle of Man to self-sustainability.

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At Thrive Farms, our mission is to empower individuals and communities on the Isle of Man to cultivate self-sustainability, enhance food security, and promote a vibrant, local food culture. Through collective ownership, education, and hands-on engagement, we strive to transform our island into a resilient, close-knit community deeply connected to the land. We are committed to providing access to unadulterated, locally sourced produce while championing responsible agriculture and ethical practices. Our guiding principles are rooted in sustainability, transparency, and the belief that every member and volunteer is a vital part of our journey towards a brighter, more self-sustaining future.

Meet the team

Meet the team. 
If you would like to be apart of this team, contact us through email or phone call.

Elliott Cureton

Founder & Director

Kerry Taylor


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